Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National park in Uganda was officially established in 1952. The park covers an area of 774 sq miles between Lake Edward and Lake George, connected by the Kazinga channel. Queen Elizabeth National park is one of the most popular national parks in Uganda and is home to over 95 mammals and 600 bird species, with a dramatic background of the Majestic Rwenzori Mountains.


By Road: It takes about 7 hours from Kampala via Mbarara to Queen Elizabeth National park. Those hours exclude breaks and lunch stops

By Air: QENP is accessible by air transport from Entebbe airport with Aerolink.

Game Drives (Morning & Night)

Queen Elizabeth National is perfect for visitors who want to explore African wildlife. The park is home to large numbers of buffalos, lions, leopards, hippos, elephants, giant forest hogs, warthogs, hyenas, bushbucks, and more.

The Ishasha sector in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National park is famous for tree-climbing lions. There are only two places in the world where lions climb trees i.e. in Ishasha Uganda and in Lake Manyara National park in Tanzania. A game drive or a night in the Ishasha area will give a visitor an opportunity to spot these lions. Apart from tree-climbing lions, other animals like topis, buffalos, and elephants can be seen on game drives on Ishasha plains.

Boat Cruise

The Kazinga Channel is 32 km and connects Lakes George and Edward and attracts elephants, buffalos, hippos, and birds. You will also catch a glimpse of large Nile crocodiles basking in the sun.

Bird watchers are normally overwhelmed by over 60 bird species spotted during this boat safari, for example, the spoon-billed stork, long-tailed cormorants, African fish eagle, pelicans, marabou storks, pied and malachite kingfishers, and sacred ibis among others.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Kyambura Gorge

Chimpanzee tracking in Queen Elizabeth National Park happens in the Kyambura Gorge.

Kyambura is a tropical rain forest located in the far eastern corner of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Many animals come to the gorge for water and even though it is surrounded by the savannah, it has a big number of primates. It is home to chimpanzees, red-tailed, black and white colobus monkeys, baboons, other animals, and birds.


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