The Kahuzi-Biega National Park (KBNP) was gazetted in 1970 to conserve the Grauer’s gorilla, the world’s largest gorilla species and this National Park remains the only place in the world where one can see these gorillas in the wild. The park is named after the two spectacular extinct volcanoes which dominate its high altitude sector, Mont Kahuzi (3,308m) and Mont Biega (2,790m). Kahuzi Biega National Park is a Safe destination that is managed by the Wildlife Conservation Society.


Lowland Gorilla trekking

The eastern lowland gorilla—also known as Grauer’s gorilla—is the largest of the four gorilla subspecies. It is distinguished from other gorillas by its stocky body, large hands and short muzzle. Despite its size, eastern lowland gorillas subsist mainly on fruit and other herbaceous materials, just like other gorilla subspecies. Visitors to the Kahuzi-Beiga National Park will enjoy this as the main activity.

Nature Walks

The Kahuzi Biega National Park has well-established trails which facilitate nature walks within the thick forests. The marais musisi trail and the Tshiabati falls trail are the most popular routes for nature walks. During these walks, you will encounter smaller primates like chimpanzees, baboons, more birds and some families of the lowland Gorillas.

Bird Watching

Kahuzi Biega National Park is home to over 450 bird species including the Congo peafowl, African Broadbill, Rwenzori Turaco, and many more. The beauty about bird watching at this park is that it can be coupled with other activities for example you can look out for birds during your nature walk or during Gorilla tracking activities.

Mountain/Volcano Hiking

In addition to the lowland gorillas, the National Park is host to two magnificent volcanoes which are also responsible for the park’s name i.e. mount kahuzi at an altitude of 3,308m and mount biega standing at 2,790 metres high. Lake Kivu and the amazing aerial view of Bukavu town can be seen from the peak as well as the sub-alpine vegetation and the beautiful bamboo forest.

Getting to Kahuzi-Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park is located 30 km from Bukavu Town it takes one and Half drives to enter the National Park and can be accessed by road and by air.