For us at Native Expeditions Safaris Limited, it is not just the passion for exploring nature that drives us but also, the stunning beauty that we see around us. From waking up to the sunrise and sipping a tasty cup of African coffee, let’s dive into the dramatic landscapes of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda tours, Tanzania safaris and Democratic Republic of Congo safe travel together.



Joseph Kiwanuka


Hi, I am ‘Chiwa’, a passionate Safari guide in East Africa. I love to read, meet new people, discover new places and also to also enjoy digging into a deliciously cooked meal. Seeing different animals and going on new adventures has helped shape my tour operator career. My tour guide journey started over 15 years ago when I would escort my father on some of his adventures in Tanzania. I have always known what i wanted to be from my childhood days and meeting all these wonderful people from different walks of life has further shaped my guiding journey. I am fascinated by animals in their natural habitat going about their usual business. I find fulfillment in sharing these wonderful experiences with others.

When I am not out in the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park chasing after tree-climbing lions or trying to spot the shy leopard, a herd of elephants would stubbornly try to block my way. Sometimes my journeys lead me to the cool hide-outs of the mountain gorillas and how humbling is it here to come within close range with the Silverback. Nature is exciting and gives me life-changing memories every day.

I would not trade my guiding career for anything else. I invite you to join me on one of my next adventures in East Africa. Let’s do life the fun easy way. See you soon!


Christine Olah Nampewo

Owner/Business Development Director

Hi, my name is Christina but most of my family and friends call me ‘Tina’. If you met me on the streets today, you would mistake me for a very quiet little person…maybe that is true, I love quiet places and environments and often times end up there. But, no, i am not a quiet person. I am the kind that will not give it a second thought taking a trip anytime of the day or night as long as it’s about experiencing new places. So yes, I love travelling and enjoying new experiences. Being born and raised in the cool suburbs of Kampala made me grow up fast but also created for me limitless opportunities to learn, interact and have a wider understanding of our multicultural Society. In a sense, I learned to relate with people from different cultures and walks of life from an early age.

I finished a bachelors degree in Tourism management and International Marketing at Makerere University and from that day on, I have never stopped planning trips and holidays for others. My greatest joy in life is seeing others happy. I am always asking people if they are okay. Not just family and friends but people I have met for the first time too. I have worked in the travel business for 10 years now and would not trade the wonderful memories for anything else. My heart is full of wonderful stories and memories.


Lawrence of Uganda

Head Safari Guide

Meet Lawrence, who prefers to introduce himself as ‘Lawrence of Uganda’ or by his famous nickname fourteen – 14. Lawrence is one of the senior guides at Native Expeditions having joined our Team as soon as the company was founded. Lawrence’s passion for nature and conservation shaped his guiding career and he took up guiding expeditions as early as 1993 when Tourism was just taking shape in Uganda.

He has guided so many trips in both Uganda and Rwanda that he has lost count. He is passionate about wildlife and especially Birds.

On any typical safari morning, clad in his exquisitely pressed trousers, shirt and donning a cap compete with a pair of Binoculars, one cannot help but notice his outstanding sense of style. Some guests have joked about his pressed trousers and how he could get down to fix a bad tyre on a rainy day.

When he is not at work or on a trip with guests, he spends some of his quiet time in the countryside at his family home with his family enjoying a locally cooked Ugandan meal of stewed beans with steamed matooke (plantain). His life is full of rich historic tales and he will take you through the lineage of leadership and power dynamics in Uganda over the years. He is always eager and quick to remind the listener that he was there, present at the time when all those events happened, not hearsay!

My favourite National Park will always be Murchison Falls National Park’ he say, before adding, ‘it has everything you need on a typical African safari’


Small but Dynamic "always-on" Team

Handling all inquiries & ensuring safety & satisfaction. Working round the clock is our operations slogan & you can reach us at any time.


Experience, Passion, Flexibility

Your entire holiday is constantly refreshed by one of our guides while sharing local experiences, life dreams, and local stories.


Safe, Custom-built vehicles

Our safari vehicles are built for comfort on any terrain. Because Safety & comfort go hand in hand, we fit First Aid kits & SOS radios in every vehicle.

Native Expeditions Safaris Limited is an AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators) and UTB (Uganda Tourism Board) accredited agent. We are also listed as a Ugandan based African specialist with Safari Bookings www.safaribookings.com

Wherever you go, Go with all your heart!



Uganda intimately referred to as The Pearl of Africa is blessed with undeniable natural beauty. Uganda is home to some of the world’s most exotic animals and the friendliest people in the World.



Magical Kenya is where “Safari” was born. Discover the dramatic Great Rift Valley, mountain highlands, or the coastline of the Indian Ocean with its white sandy beaches & more wildlife encounters than you can imagine.



Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills is blessed with amazing people, extraordinary biodiversity, with incredible wildlife living throughout its volcanoes, montane rainforest, and sweeping plains.



Tanzania is an unmatched mix of history, culture & nature– with Omani, African & European influence, expect everything from stunning wildlife, epic landscapes, fascinating cultures, beaches & more.



Experience gorillas, the Congo Rainforest & more with Native Expeditions Safaris; among the few tour operators in East Africa with capacity for safe, comfortable & amazing holidays in DRC.


Why experience one destination on each visit when you can combine them & still use the same timeframe? Our tour experts have tailored a “best-of-everything” safari menu in Africa’s most exciting tourist destinations for your consideration.